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25+ Ways to #BuyGREEK4Xmas This Year!

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Στηρίζω την Ελλάδα! Φέτος στις Γιορτές Επιμένω ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ! 
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To help you #BuyGREEK4Xmas, we've put together a list of suggestions across a broad spectrum of products, usual and unusual.
Happy shopping

 Start 2016 the right way!
The New Year 2016 Gouri/ Lucky Charm from ΑΣΗΜΙΚΑ ΧΡΥΣΑ ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ is the pomegranate, a Symbol of prosperity and good fortune. Message us if you are interested in purchasing one of these! Το φετινό γούρι για το 2016, Το ρόδι - Σύμβολο ευημερίας και τύχης.
For this and many other gifts check out Konstantopoulos Silverware 
Contact us if you are interested

A beautiful handcrafted turquoise, pearl, crystal and quartz neckpiece by GlobalGreek Angela Bereri.
Contact Angela for an exclusive piece of handmade jewellery here

Mario Frangoulis' wonderful Tales of Christmas CD
Buy Now from Amazon

A Christmas package of delicious Gourmet Popcorn, Made in Greece, by Popy's Gourmet Popcorn
 Buy Now from Popy's Popcorn

Greece has some of the best wines and spirits in the world! 
Buy Now from House of Wine in Greece
or From Shop Greek Wine if you are in Canada  

Barbayanni Ouzo from Plomari, Lesvos
Years of tradition and one of the best!

Mastiha produced in Chios and exported to the world
with anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities.  Check out the tremendously diverse products available, used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and in the culinary world.
Buy Now from Mastiha Shop in Greece

Renowned Apivita Greek-made Natural Cosmetics 
Place your orders here 

 Ideal Bikes Made in Greece
Availability In Greece
Find out where they are available outside Greece
A family company based in historic Nafplio, 
Litrivi is a limited production, Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil.
Only 1200 bottles available per year 

Get your limited edition extra virgin Greek olive oil now

For over 30 years, the Blauel family from Austria have been living in Mani,working with traditional producers to provide top quality organic olive oil, olives and other olive products
Check out the Mani Blauel products and buy now

Loukoumia & Halvadopites (Grecian delight and Nougat) from the hands of the masters-
Leivadaras-on Syros
 Contact them now 

 ION Greek made chocolates celebrated their 85th year in 2015
The company exports to the following markets so look for it in your local Greek shop!

  • North America -USA & Canada
  • Eastern & Western Europe
  • Middle East Countries & Egypt
  • Southeast Asia & Japan
  • Australia 
You can also contact them here

 No Stress is a 100% Greek made women's clothing label 
We loved the name!
Buy Now

A beautiful, traditionally woven pillow - house. 
The kind of house that all of us drew when we were children. 
from ERGANI weaving workshop in Poros, one of Greece's small islands close to Athens.

 Kooreloo bags are handcrafted with exceptional care in Greece
Traditional weave, semiprecious stones, luxurious, one-of-a-kind fabrics.
Buy now

KEM women's leather accessories
Made with care in Greece

Your official introduction to the Kemistry of style
Buy Now

Zylo, by Eleni and Periklis, unique handcrafted Wooden eyewear from Syros 
Buy a pair... or two now 

Silk scarves from Eireen, a firm producing unique scarves made from 100% silk. The scarves are manufactured in the silk town of Soufli in Northern Greece. Soufli is a town with historic traditions in  silk production and its significance as part of the silk trade route dates back to the Byzantium.  

Choose your scarf here 

Louann Watches in precious metals, handcrafted in Greece by Loukas Mainas 
Check out the selection and buy here  
Greece's Museum Shops have a range of wonderful gifts to choose from. 
For history lovers, and most appropriate in today's refugee crisis, we selected Maria Iliou and Alexander Kitroeff's

'Expulsion and Exchange of populations, Turkey - Greece, 1922-1924'   from Greece's wonderful Benaki Museum e-Shop
Buy Now 

What's better than a book for Xmas? Two books!  
A wonderful variety of authors with a common interest...Greece, Greeks and the Greek way of life! 
From Alex Pattakos' The OPA Way to Maria Loi's The Greek Diet, Arianna Huffington's Thrive to Nia Vardalos' Instant Mom, Alexis Mantheakis, Toula Vlahou, Thaao Penghlis, Diane Kochilas, Peter Minaki, Vefa Alexiadou, Justine Frangouli-Argyris, Alexander Billinis and many others...
60 odd Greek related or authored books to choose from

on our Amazon goodies list. Buy your holiday reading now!

Of course,
the best way to #BuyGREEK4Xmas
is to visit Greece!

Tourism is Greece's major industry...
 Book your next holiday to Greece!
 For excellence in personal service, you can book through one of Greece's multi-awarded travel agencies Mid-East Travel

 We recommend Crete next summer, but any part of Greece is fabulous

 If you choose Crete, you can book your boat tickets for now or next summer directly with ANEK Lines!

 or you can fly Aegean Airways to Crete, or anywhere else in Greece you want to  go
Book with Aegean Now!

 If you are looking for a place to stay while you are here,
Jacoline's Small Hotels in Greece is a great guide to small, family run hotels around Greece
You can check out Jacoline's selection and book your stay here 

 GoGreek Collectibles, 
a new concept that combines contemporary perspective with ancient Greek mythology, history and tradition, just the thing to take home with you after your holiday.
Complete your Xmas shopping with a beautiful Greek-inspired print by Georgia Pistolis from Art by Georgia
Buy one of Georgia's prints now 

or a Greece-inspired TShirt by everyone's favourite Greek travel guru Matt Barrett!
Buy yours here and help a Greek charity at the same time.
All profits from the sale of Matt's TShirts go to Greek charities

and of course, since we are all going to be eating a lot of something Greek this Christmas-New Year period, we will add the #EatGREEK hashtag. 
Make or buy your melomakarona, kourabiedes, diples, cook your favourite Greek meals or
have brunch/lunch,dinner, drinks or coffee at your favourite Greek food establishment in your part of the world. 
See our EatGREEK page for great places to EatGREEK

PS If you plan to have a Greek dining experience on 15th January, you will be part of those of us joining together and having Greek Dinner Around the World!

That's it for now!
 We hope you liked our suggestions

 Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!
Καλά Χριστούγεννα!

Καλή Χρονιά! 

Support Greece
Buy GREEK for Christmas again this year! 
Στηρίζω την Ελλάδα! 
Φέτος στις Γιορτές Επιμένω ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ!

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